Life. Money. Hope. (3 Sessions)


Our money impacts our life. Learning how to get out of debt and live on less than we make is essential to creating a healthy life. This three-part series from Dave Ramsey studies debt and money, offering biblical advice about some of life's most difficult problems. Learn the basics of finance according to the Bible, how to break the power of debt, and the number one myth about money. 

Session One - The Basics of Biblical Finance

Session Two - Breaking the Bondage of Debt

Session Three - The # 1 Myth About Money



EVERYDOLLAR (Free Budgeting Tool)

Turn Your Goals Into Results. Budgeting in EveryDollar is easy — it takes less than 10 minutes to create your first budget! Even better, EveryDollar helps millions of people just like you take control of their money to achieve their money goals. Pay off debt and save big this year with EveryDollar.


Budgeting is often misunderstood and overcomplicated. We want it to be simple! That’s Ramsey Solutions created this Guide to Budgeting. Over the next several pages, we’ll introduce you to a proven plan that’s helped millions of people take control of their money—and their lives. We know it will work for you too! 

How to Win With Money in 7 Simple Baby Steps

The Baby Steps are your key to financial peace. And the steps are simple. So why isn’t everyone winning with money? Because each step also requires a bit of discipline. After all, if you want to live like no one else, you have to live like no one else. Don’t worry if this sounds redundant now—you’ll get there eventually. Click below and dive in!

How to Pay Off Debt Easier and Faster Than Ever

Getting out of debt doesn’t have to be stressful. Make the process of paying off debt easier and faster by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. This will keep you on track (and motivated) as you pay off your student loans, car debt, or credit card balances.