Creating A Healthy Culture (5 Sessions)


We are irresistibly drawn to the remarkable: those cultures that shine because of their sense of purpose, the collective passion of their people, and the health of the organization. These standout cultures are so rare that they cause us to ask questions such as: How are these cultures produced? Does a compelling culture just happen by accident? How can I play a role in creating one? The truth is that compelling cultures are powerful. They are intentional. They are created.

In these 5 sessions, Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel will explore the values and intangibles that allow us to contribute to a culture that lives its values, embraces change, nurtures authentic relationships, and fosters personal and organizational progress.

Sessions Include:
1. The Five Inescapable Truths About Organizational Culture - Andy Stanley
2. The Significance of Values In Shaping Culture - Craig Groeschel
3. The Power of Mutual Submission - Andy Stanley
4. Creating A Culture of Self-Awareness - Craig Groeschel
5. Three Essential Ingredients of a Standout Culture - Andy Stanley