Monday, May 29th  to  Saturday, June 3rd

Jesus told us that the the people in our community should know that we are His followers by how well we love others. In fact, He went even further than that. He told us that our love for God is ultimately displayed and authenticated by our love for people. In other words, if we've received the love God in our heart we'll be compelled to share that love with other people. Pretty simple, huh?

Because of this, we are excited to take a whole week from Monday, May 29th  to Saturday, June 3rd and share His love with our city. Love Week is a church wide opportunity for everyone to PRAY, SERVE, and GIVE towards the health and well-being of our city. We have been made different to make a difference and your willingness to pray, serve and give will make a difference in our community.

We will accomplish much more by serving together and partnering with these organizations!


You can pray

We pray better when we pray together. Sometimes it's the things that are intangible that need the most attention. One of the most important ways we can serve our city is to pray for its prosperity and well-being. From May 29th to June 3rd let's set aside time both individually and together to pray for our city.

You Can Serve

We love better when we serve together. During Love Week we have over 50 hours of serving opportunities available for us to love our city.  We have a wide variety of opportunities to serve, so we know there is something for you. Check out the 20+ serve opportunities that are available during love week.

You Can Give

We give bigger when we give together. Your generosity enables us to fund some of our Love Week outreaches and help local organizations meet tangible needs in our city. Every dollar collected in our Love Week campaign will go to the outreaches and organizations we're supporting.