Here are The 4 Pillars of the Mile Two Production Team.

  1. We Serve
  2. We Lead
  3. We Create
  4. We Communicate

These Four Pillars give us a solid foundation, and are the lenses that we look through.

Let's get specific about these Pillars:

1. We Serve

We serve Jesus, the Worship Team, Speaker, and Church.

This isn't for us, this is for them.

We serve our teammates.

We help wherever needed, regardless of what it is.

We're patient with people who complain or don't understand.


2. We Lead

The reality is, we're leading a generation into an encounter with God.

We lead both in the booth, and outside of the booth.

We set the example in speech, conduct, and love.


3. We Create

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that feels like home, and where people can worship and encounter God.

God as a creator created us so we can create.

We do everything with the highest level of excellence.

We bring glory to God when we fulfill the dreams and ideas that He's put inside of us.

We spur each other on to continue to learn, create, and come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

When things in the bedroom are getting hot, you don't flip the fluorescents on.


4. We Communicate

Our processes are clear, transferable, and scalable.

We don't worship our own opinion.

We value feedback from people who understand what we do, and people who don't.

We don't take it personally when our idea doesn't get used.

We communicate when tensions arise, we don't let it boil over, or bury it..

We honour and love one another, with Christ as our example.

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