Giving two-and-a-half hours of your time, once or twice a month, on a Sunday can make a world of difference in someones life. Preteens need to know that they matter to someone like you in order to see that they matter to God. You have an amazing opportunity to connect with, affirm and encourage a kid in a season when they need it the most. Check out this helpful video to understand why what your doing in Preteens matters.

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Planning Center Services

We use an online program called Planning Center to schedule team members, organize services and streamline communication. You can watch this introduction video and/or click below to learn how to use this simple program and utilize it's various features!

How Our Curriculum Works

The curriculum we use in Preteens has been selected to set you up for success in engaging with the kids and have a lot of fun along the way. In this six minute video, Pastor Brien walks you through how the curriculum works and how to access it before you serve on a Sunday.

The Big Three

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There are three main things to keep in mind when you're serving in preteens. Come Prepared, Make it Fun, and Engage With The Kids. If you can consistently show up and accomplish those three things, you can make a difference in a kids life. In this final training session, Pastor Brien is going to show you how to do just that.